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The refrigerating industrial ATOLON platform has 3.070 m2 of floor space. The refrigerating warehouse is equipped with self-ampler shelves with seven levels of storage. The volume of cold rises to 30.000 m with capacity for 5.000 pallets.

 Inside of the cold storage chamber, ATOLON has the most modern equipment, high speed and complete security in the displacements, conditioned cabins which helps with a suitable comfort to work under extreme temperatures.

The incorporation of new technologies has been focused in four main aspects:

  • Environmental aspects: the use of coolant that does not damage the ozone layer (protocol of Kyoto) and the optimization of the power consumption.
  • Security aspects: the cold storage chamber has an automatic system of fire extinguishing.
  • Quality and Control aspects: we have a computing system SGA (Management system of storage) which allows in any moment to control the location of  products as  tracking.
  • Sanitary aspects: the design of the construction is according the hygienic conditions and the food security, maintaining at any moment the cold chain.